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The WaveRider is science’s answer to radiation. It’s a patented one of its kind product. This stand-alone device generates protective frequencies by inducing the oscillation of a polymer at frequencies that counter adverse effects associated with electromagnetic radiation.

The WaveRider polymer material does not reduce the power of electromagnetic fields. It “shields” the cellular structures of the body against the harmful biological effects of EMR. The radiation is still entering the body, but the neutralizing effect of WaveRider polymer material reduces the adverse effects associated with exposure.


Net Weight 650g
Weight (with packaging) 1000g
Packaging Dimensions 25.5cm (l) x 16.5cm (B) x 13.5cm (H)
Input Voltage 110 – 240v, 50 – 60 Hz
Output Voltage 12v DC, 350mA
Warranty 1 year
Range of Coverage 9m Radius
Lifespan 17520 hours
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