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VIVOBASE products  will protect you from 3G, 4G, 5G, dirty electricity,  geopathic stress, EMFs from all sources.  Plug it in to a central location in your home or workplace and it begins to work by creating a natural Sferic field.

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation is increasing rapidly even within our own home. The use of smart appliances, wireless devices, smartphones, laptops and tablets have become part of everyday life even for children. In addition to smartphone radiation, there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DECT phone (cordless) radiation. Many children and teenagers are constantly online, and the latest devices are at the top of their wish lists. Due to the use of baby monitors, even newborns are exposed daily to electromagnetic smog.

New ‘SMART Home’ solutions for private households contribute to increased electromagnetic smog. Networked and remotely controllable devices and installations are designed to provide more security and efficient energy use, thereby improving the quality of homes and life in general. Radiation from these wireless systems, satellites, solar panels, cell towers and the steadily growing number of wireless masts to ensure optimal grid coverage aggravate the problem. This danger does not end at bedroom doors. Not only our devices but our neighbors’ devices may also have an effect on our health.

Contrary to other commercial network circuit breakers, which interrupt the complete power supply, VIVOBASE HOME protects your body against electromagnetic smog by activating a natural protective shield without having to do without affecting the operation of your devices or requiring you to turn them off or go without them. In addition, your body is protected from radiation that is generated outside your own home, such as the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone masts and your neighbors’ Wi-Fi. Especially for electrosensitive people, VIVOBASE products provide genuine relief in everyday life. For all others, they serve to ensure preventive health care. The effectiveness of Vivobase has been proven in scientific studies.

VIVOBASE HOME is available with a plug for the U.S. sockets, as a theft-proof surface-mounted device and for installation in a control cabinet.

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